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In up to 90% of cases junk food is the main source of excess weight

  • What you get:
  • Access to aversive videos
  • Personal support
1 week
One week of using the service is enough for you to feel if you are ready for a change
What you get:
  • Access to aversive videos
  • Personal support
  • Risk free
How it'll stop craving?
1 month
An optimal period you cut twice the consumption of calories and lose up to 15-20lb.
What you get:
  • Access to aversive videos
  • Personal support
  • Risk free
How it'll stop craving?
$19.96 $9.99
3 months
You will radically change your point of view on harmful food and your way of life
What you get:
  • Access to aversive videos
  • Personal support
  • Risk free
How it'll stop craving?
$59.88 $19.99

50 seconds of video and I didn’t even eating for the next three days
Kylah Cupcake
Youtube Blogger

I’m going to be completely honest with you. When I saw those 50 seconds into the video, I didn’t want to eat. I didn’t foresee myself eating for the next 3 three days!

Kaylah Cupcake

This is gonna make it incredibly easy, and you’re gonna lose a massive amount of weight, as you know once you stay away from unhealthy food, fried foods, etc.

Pretty Keli

It’s just really smart! A really great way to a kind of change up how your are thinking about food.

Cindy Batchelor

That is going to change the way you feel about the food
Cindy Batchelor
Youtube blogger

Janine White
Janine has achieved amazing results due to the refusal of unhealthy food and taking up a balanced diet
Nicole Korno
Due to the combination of fitness and aversion therapy Nicole lost almost 95lb kg within 6 months
Jessica Dosen
Jessica excluded fast food, sodas, sweets, fatty and starchy food from her diet
Paulina Litovski
Constant crossfit exercises in combination with aversion therapy and strict adherence to proper nutrition have born their fruit
Аnna Primes
A constant visitor of fast food courts in the past. Today - bikinist and fitness model, propagating a healthy and balanced diet

At work or studies, during household chores, Lossweight.tv is always available in your quest for maximum results!

freakently asking questions

What is aversion therapy?

Aversion therapy is a therapy aimed at making people with pernicious addiction feel discomfort from their bad habit.

This type of treatment has been applied since 1932.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, there are. We do not recommend our service to people under the age of 18 and over 70, to pregnant women and people suffering from neurological diseases.

Is it confidential?

We guarantee safety and strict confidentiality of all your personal data provided to us.

What if I don't like the service?

We try our best to help you get rid of craving for unhealthy food and take your appetite and weight under control. But if after using Lossweight.tv you understand that this is not "yours", we will refund the money you've spent.

Want to see how to stop craving?

Kaylah Cupcake
Pretty Keli
Cindy Batchelor

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