Lose weight by Aversion to food

Aversion to food

Try first online service that creates aversion to sweet food, fast food and meat


Kaylah Cupcake


It is soooo easy! I just watch a video and lose my appetite after less than one minute. No workout, no doing something special. The videos are so disgusting they make me think that I wont be eating for the next three days.

Keli Hobbs


Watching aversive videos before meals help me make wiser choices and stay away from unhealthy processed foods or fried foods.

Cindy Batchelor


I used to have really intense sugar cravings after lunch and dinner, but when I began to watch aversive videos after meals, the cravings just disappeared. It is impossible to keep your appetite after watching these incredibly disgusting videos.

Zeinab Ramadan


I've never thought about stop appetite to lose weight. I really think it is a smart idea. I super impressed, I lost 7 pounds in 10 days.

Joseph Harwood


It is definitely shocking, but it is triggered me to think in different way. Video is quite graphic. It is quite scandalous.


How does it work?

Aversive videos make you feel a steady disgust for harmful food. You just open today's video in a browser or a mobile app every time you feel unhealthy food cravings. No physical or mental efforts just watch a video!

How safe is that?

No undesirable side effects have been recorded since the launch of the service. The videos do not affect healthy appetite towards normal food and should not cause eating disorders.

What if I have an eating disorder?

We recommend to use the service carefully, if you have a weak nervous system or an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, etc.).

How long should I watch videos to get visible results?

The standard amount of time is 5 minutes a day, but you can resort to aversive videos at any moment. For example, when you are surrounded by unhealthy seductions that may sway your resolve to change.

What if the videos do not work?

The overwhelming majority (73%) of users speak positively of their experience with If the aversive content does not work for you, we will return your money.

Who is the service for?

It has been created for everyone who feels an addiction to harmful products, including: (a) Women who want to improve their looks; (b) Workers living a sedentary lifestyle; (c) People suffering from gastrointestinal diseases; (d) Healthy lifestyle fans.

Is there a trial version?

Every registered user gets 3 days of free trial access. It is enough time to see the effect of aversive videos.

How much does it cost?

The cost of monthly subscription is $19.99. During this period you can break old eating habits and acquire new healthy ones.

Can I lose weight with the help of the service?

Yes, you can. Our videos have already helped 2,568 people to curb unhealthy cravings and lose excess weight.

How can I report problems with the service?

Contact us at

Why do I need this service if I am already losing weight?

Lossweight considerably improves the effect of diets and workout, because it prevents diet failures and helps you maintain healthy eating lifestyle. When combined, these measures allow to achieve better results.

Why should I link my bank card?

It facilitates prolongation of your subscription: money is charged automatically to provide nonstop access to aversive videos. We do not pass the subscribers' data to third parties and uses them only for legitimate purposes.


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Hear the story of Kaylah who lost her appetite for fast food just after 50 seconds of video

Switch your life to Healthy Food

Check out the story of Joseph she changed her eating habits and gave up all harmful products

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Try out the first online video service that eliminates unhealthy addiction to candy, fastfood or meat.